Monday, April 17, 2017

Lovely Barcelona!

European Appetizer Sampler Part III: BARCELONA!

After Paris VA and I flew to Barcelona. Usually when we fly into a city we don't plan anything for that day so we can take our time getting our bearings.  Barcelona was different. We had tickets to go to Sagrada Familia that afternoon.  This spot was really the only thing we had on the agenda for our time in Barcelona.  I figured since it would be our fifth country we might want to take it a little easier.  

Saragda Familia was incredible.  It was perhaps the most incredible architectural structure I have seen to date.  
The outside does not do it justice.  The cathedral is unfinished and the detail on the outside cannot be seen as well from a picture.  
This is just some of the detail in the stonework above one door.   One one side of the cathedral it portrays the passion of Christ in stonework. 
Each one of the scenes above depicts Jesus' path to crucifixion.  The stonework was less detailed then some areas, but the abstract images were just as powerful as the detailed ones.  After we tried to grasp the outside we went inside and saw maybe the most unique space in the world.
Instead of traditional arches the designer designed this cathedral upside down.  When you look into the ceiling you feel like you're looking into the tops of magical trees with light filtering in.  It was stunning.  

A closer look at the tops of the arches.
The stained glass windows were designed to be dark at the bottom and lighter at the top to parallel the sky.
A look toward the alter.

After Sagrada Familia we headed back to our hotel but first stopped for dinner.  I can easily say it was the worst meal we had on the entire trip.  We stopped in a local place and went to order.  The owner helped us and pointed out rice dishes.  I recognised pollo and empanada and it was a rice dish so I ordered that and VA ordered the one next to it.  It came out as chicken fingers and french fries. Apparently when we thought he was saying rice he was saying fries and for two white girls I guess this is what they had in mind.  We were fed and had a good laugh and headed back to the hotel. 

The next day we headed to the beach.
It was so relaxing and nice to be in warm weather we just watched the surfers for a while.
And we had to take advantage of a photo op!

Next we took a gondola up into the mountains to get a great view of the city.
The city was gorgeous with mountains on one side and a the ocean on the other.  

Once at the top we walked around this old castle where people were actually practicing archery! It was a perfect day!

We headed back down to the beach to enjoy the water and have a cocktail! And there was delicious paella!

We knew our European Appetizer sampler was coming to a close so we just enjoyed the last few moments.
Before we knew it we were headed back to Oslo!
We were exhausted but had an amazing time!
Until the next adventure!


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