Tuesday, April 25, 2017

National Lampoon's the Cherrys Norwegian Vacation

The Family Comes to Norway

In March Mom and Dad and Grandma visited me in Norway.  It was wonderful to have my family see where I was living and working and get to experience this lovely new country.  

Mom and Grandma arrived first.
Aren't they cute?  Here they are on the bus headed to Moss from the airport.  They look pretty good after a long flight.  We spent the next couple of days in Moss.  I showed them around town and at school and we, of course, had to have a hot dog!
After Dad arrived we visited Sweden for a quick shopping trip.  The signs in Sweden were a highlight.
Moose crossing and the self-explanatory restroom sign. So cute!

All four of us then headed back to the airport to go to Bergen and see all the beauties for Norway.  We spent about a day and a half in Bergen, Norway.  I would say it is "picturesque Norway."
Here's a view from our hotel room.  
And the cute shops down by the docks. We then took a steep tram up the mountain to get a better view of Bergen. 
But....Mom got stuck on the other side of the gates so we had to wait for the next tram...poor Mom!
Once we got to the top of the mountain the view was gorgeous.  Here's the foursome taking in the sites.  
Mom and me enjoying the view.  At the top of the mountain there was a cute little restaurant that had hot tea and goodies and everywhere there were blankets to wrap up in or fur draped over benches to make everything cozy...or koselig (my favorite Norwegian word).

After we checked out Bergen we had to get up early the next day to begin our Norway in a Nutshell tour.  This tour is a self guided day trip from Bergen back to Oslo that allowed us to see the natural beauty of Norway via train, bus, and boat.  On that trip I saw some of the most beautiful sites I've ever seen.  There were places that I'm sure I've seen in pictures, but to see them in real life was amazing.  Here are some of the highlights.
Cute Norwegian towns from the train.
The reflection from the water was indescribable. 
All four of us bundled up on the boat in the fjords.

The fjords were stunning! 
Look at that!  It's like the world ends at the end of the water. 

I can't get over the beauty of this country. 

These last few pictures are from the train ride, which is said to be the most beautiful train ride in the world.  

It was a long trip, but I'm still speechless.  I can't imagine living in such beauty.  After we got back from our trip Grandma and I hung out in Moss while Mom and Dad celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary in Vienna. And after their trip they all headed back to the US.  

It was wonderful having my family here especially in the middle of my stay in Norway.  And I must say I'm very proud of my family for making the trip.  I know many people whose family couldn't or wouldn't visit and I'm so thankful for mine.  Dad is a seasoned traveler, but Grandma was traveling abroad at 88 years old and kept up with some long days.  And Mom had never traveled abroad before and not only negotiated layovers in the airport, but even took a side trip with Dad and became quite the traveler! In full disclosure I don't want to paint the picture of a perfect family vacation, there were bumps, but overall it was a very successful trip and I'm thankful for their visit.

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