Tuesday, January 24, 2017

More Oslo & Moss

Hi All! Last weekend we went back to Oslo to check out the sales and then a long walk on the foggy coast of Moss on Sunday.  Saturday in Oslo was lovely and a little slippery. There were some slippery sidewalks and I fell on my bum twice. I also was able to make some purchases and take advantage of the January sales.  My favorite purchase is a print and a nod to theatre.  
For my non-theatre folk Henrik Ibsen is a Norwegian playwright (and theatre revolutionary, but I'll save you from a Theatre History lesson) and each small image represents a character in one of his plays. Nora is the image in the bottom left and Torvald is in the bottom right.  I need to translate the other images, but I will proudly hang it on my wall.  It's Norwegian and theatre print - I'm in LOVE!

Norwegians love Ibsen (as they should) so much so there is even a stature in Oslo of another one of his plays.
This is a statue of Peer Gynt.  

In Oslo I also picked up some new clothes...no pictures of the clothes, but trust me they are cute.  Other Oslo adventures included a reindeer meat pie....Yes that is correct a meat pie of reindeer.  
First let's acknowledge that it is a meat pie and the entire time I thought of Sweeney Todd. And that I wouldn't know if this reindeer was a person or not. Second, yes that is a mini-cupcake at the top of the picture.  It was carrot cake with what I think is a 
mascarpone frosting and it was delicious. Finally, let's talk reindeer.  
It was delicious!  It was meaty, not gamey.  It had a good texture too.  Sometimes I think meat can get stringy - not wonderful in my book.  This was not.  It was sturdy and delicious!  If you get the chance to try reindeer I highly recommend it!

Also this is the place where we bought the reindeer pies.  Isn't it cute!  It was in the Mathallen (food hall) in Oslo.  

Here is the pretty river that runs near the Mathallen.

Additionally, I also found Texas in Oslo. It looked like it sold "tex-mex" food, but I use the term loosely.  It also looked like it had gyro meat on "nachos." Let's just say I didn't stop.

We also stopped at Yummy Heaven.  Why aren't more stores so aptly named?
It was a candy store and yes, I bought many marshmallows.  They were all delicious, but none beat the strawberry marshmallow...they will always have my heart.  Also, remember the first post and the pop tart incident? Well I found pop tarts in Oslo!!
Please note these were sold in a candy store and I don't like pop tarts enough to buy them AND they were approximately $8.  In addition to my love for strawberry marshmallows I also fell in love with.....
HER!!!!  Isn't she precious!  I love how dog-friendly Oslo is.  She was sitting waiting for her owner while they were in the grocery store!  I wanted to sit down and just hug her, but I also want to stay in Norway so I refrained.  

On Sunday it was a foggy day so I ventured near the water to catch the fog and mess around with my fancy camera.  Here's some of what I found. I'm not a professional, but the fog and water were so pretty!


This should be my last blog post until next week.  Saturday is my birthday and so as a happy birthday to me I'm headed to ROME for the weekend!  Found some cheap tickets and hotel room and Brittney was game so we're off to Rome on Thursday and come back Sunday. I'm so excited!  We will only be there for two full days so my agenda is the Vatican, Coliseum, Pantheon, pizza, pasta, and gelato and not necessarily in that order!  

Next post - all about ROME!


  1. At least they know that portraits are candy and not breakfast food!

  2. Loving your posts Emily! Happy Birthday!