Thursday, January 19, 2017


Just a quick blog to share pictures of the beautiful sunrise and sunset today.  I don't  really have much to report, but it was so gorgeous today I couldn't NOT share.  The last two days have been rainy.  In fact we have had freezing rain and I've had a slippery walk to and from work.  Today it warmed up so I could take a nice walk to explore a new part of Moss.  

This morning my walk into work was lovely.
This picture is right outside my living room window just as the sun was rising.  

Then later on my walk to work....
The beautiful buildings and the lighting just made everything seem so magical!  

Then on the sunset walk...
This is what it looked like when I went to throw away my trash.  What? It's gorgeous! I can't handle it.  Also I'm not adding any filters to these.  This is just iPhone and sky!

And then the sky turned everything orange when I looked in another direction.  
And back to pink and blue.  It was stunning.  

Like I said I have nothing really to report, but the sun and sky were just spectacular.  I CAN report that I haven't had a hot dog all week!  I think my health is proud of me but my soul is disappointed and needs a hot dog soon.....

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